Red Hawk 
Red Hawk is a high-yielding variety with an upright bush growth habit, mid- to full-season maturity, resistance to Races 7 and 73 of anthracnose, and excellent canning quality.

Red Hawk, tested as MSU No. K90101, was developed from the cross of the dark red kidney bean varieties Charlevoix and Montcalm.

Red Hawk was tested extensively for yield and agronomic traits for seven seasons (1990-96) over 36 locations. It averaged 22 cwt/acre and out yielded all commercial dark red kidney bean varieties by a margin of 2 to 11 percent.

Red Hawk is a mid- to full-season variety, maturing 99 days after planting with a range in maturity from 95 to 102 days, depending on season and location. It matures five days earlier than Montcalm, one day earlier than Isles and three days later than Drake. Red Hawk has demonstrated uniform maturity and excellent dry-down across a broad range of environments and fits a niche for an erect, high-yielding, mid- to full-season dark red kidney bean variety in Michigan.

-USDA-ARS / MSU University Extension

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