Garbanzo HB-14
HB-14 is easily identified in a Garbanzo field in comparison to other varieties such as UC-27. The plant is always upright, composed of three laterals extending from the crown of the plant. Extending from the laterals, are a large number of secondary branches. At maturity, it first has a "V" shape plant structure, lighter green color of plant than UC-27. Viable pod set is formed 3 to 4 inches from the crown of the plant, easily harvested, without field loss with conventional combines.

HB-14 is more heat tolerant than UC-27, extending fruiting ten days to two weeks longer than UC-27. HB-14 is tolerant to Ascochyta Rabiei on a scale of 4. (1 being completely tolerant, 10 being completely devastated).

Seed size is 58-62 oz/count, buff colored, rough coated, round in composure. A darker colored seed may be detected every 200 grams, has passed S & W canning grade of #1 in canner tests for three years of submitted samples.

HB-14 seedlings emerge at least 10 days in winter sown Garbanzos earlier than UC-27, displaying cold tolerance as well as heat tolerance of emerged seedlings grown in an upright position, never coming in contact with the soil, unlike UC-27 which lies in a prostrate condition. This uniqueness is easily identified when inspecting fields.

HB-14, due to the extended time in the R & D program, has almost no segregation displaying in the field. Purity of the seed is a result of years of seed roguing and sizing and plot work, eliminating segregation of off type plants. The focus was on uprightness, seed size, Ascochyta Rabiei tolerance and seed canning quality. Occasionally a sterile plant can be observed in a field of HB-14, approximately one in ten acres. 

Bean Seed Variety Profiles:
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