Garbanzo HB-19 
HB-19 has a semi erect plant habit 65-80cm tall, with 4-5 primary branches emerging close to ground level and random spreading. Leaves are compound pinnate with 10-15 toothed leaflets per rachis, different from the simple leaves of Sanford, Dwelley, and Evans. Flowers are white, typical of Kabuli chickpeas, with much pubescence on leaves and pods. Viable pod set is formed 3-4" from the crown of the plant, allowing for easy harvest, without field loss, with conventional combines.

HB-19 is resistant but not immune to Ascochyta blight in Ca. and Washington. It is susceptible to fusarium wilt.

Seed size is 48 seeds per oz. count , light beige colored, strongly wrinkled and ribbed. Seed canning quality, S&W quality = Private Label:Export # 1. 

HB-19 shows earlier emergence than UC-27 more upright growth, displaying cold tolerance as well as heat tolerance of emerged seedlings grown in an upright position. 

Bean Seed Variety Profiles:
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