Great Northern Andromeda is a broadly adapted
great northern bean variety ideally suited to
Nebraska and Colorado production regions.
Andromeda has shown significantly higher yield
potential then the new great northern bean, Panhandle
Pride. In addition Andromeda’s semi-upright
architecture aids growers in maintenance and harvest
of the crop as well as potentially maintaining seed
quality during irrigation and/or rains versus a
prostrate variety.
Assuming a 571 lbs./AC yield advantage compared
to Panhandle Pride.* Growing Andromeda will potentially
increase your profit by $170/AC on $30/cwt.
beans. This amounts to $17,000 on 100 acres.

​ Semi-upright architecture that enhances
growers harvest and maintenance of the crop
versus a prostrate variety.
 Matures 89-93 days or about 2 days earlier
than Panhandle Pride.**
 Approximate seed count is 1,069 sds./lb.
compared to Draco seed count of 1,333 sds./
 Has demonstrated some field tolerances to
common bacterial blight and brown spot.



**US plant variety protection applied for; unauthorized propagation prohibited!

Bean Seed Variety Profiles:
These descriptions are based on historical data and may vary according to cultural practices and weather conditions as well as geographical region. Diseases are constantly adapting, changing the resistance/tolerance of the bean plants and their performance. Kelley Bean Co. Inc. disclaims legal responsibility therefore.