GREAT NORTHERN 118 - (GN-118)**
Great Northern 118 is an upright medium profile variety that arches over somewhat, holding its pods off the ground. GN-118 is a competitive yielding variety when compared to Weihing or Beryl. It is more upright than Beryl and similar in architecture to Weihing. GN-118 is one day later in maturity than Beryl.
Seed Count of GN-118 is 1284 seed / lb. Compared to Beryl at 1500 seed / lb.
GN-118 has the "I" gene for bean common mosaic virus and exhibits some tolerance to rust.
GN-118 has acceptable canning characteristics.

YIELD DATA* (14 yr./locations)
GN-118 2746 lbs./AC*
Beryl 2815 lbs./AC*

Variety GN-118 is a well adapted variety to western Nebraska where upright architecture is desirable due to strong flat ground. Its competitive advantage over Beryl would be on strong flat ground or where direct harvest may be considered.

**US plant variety protection applied for; unauthorized propagation prohibited!
* Mean lbs./AC from trials in Morrill, Minatare, and Gering from 1999-2003 in 11 year/locations.
Data not meant to be a guarantee of performance, but rather is a report of past performance.

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