Great Northern Orion is an upright medium profile variety quite similar in plant type to Beryl but more upright. Orion is a high yielding variety which matures approximately one day later than Beryl.
Orion responds favorably to early irrigation and a fertility program.

The average seed size is larger than Beryl at 1313 seed / lb. compared to Beryl at 1482 seed / lb., and is more consistent year to year.
Orion has the "I" gene for bean common mosaic virus, but does not have resistance to rust.
Orion has demonstrated excellent canning quality.

YIELD DATA* (14 yr./locations)
Orion 3000 lbs./AC*
Beryl 2778 lbs./AC*

Assuming a 220 lbs. increased yield compared to Beryl, growing Orion will potentially increase your profit by $39/AC on $18/cwt beans. This amounts to $3,900 on 100 acres.

**US plant variety protection applied for; unauthorized propagation prohibited!
*Mean lbs./AC from trials in Morrill, Minatare, Gering, and Scottsbluff from 1999-2004 in 14 year/locations.
Data not meant to be a guarantee of performance, but rather is a report of past performance.

Bean Seed Variety Profiles:
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