GREAT NORTHERN 131 - (GN-131)**
Great Northern 131 is a medium, upright, short vine, medium profile variety that arches over. GN-131 is a high yielding, early maturing variety suitable for replanting or later planting for other reasons. GN-131 is similar in maturity to Ivory. GN-131 is best utilized on strong ground due to its shorter vine.
GN-131's seed count is 1392 seed / lb. compared to Beryl at 1490 seed / lb. GN-131 has the "I" gene for bean common mosaic virus has acceptable canning characteristics.
YIELD DATA* (20 yr./locations)
GN-131 2703 lbs./AC*
Beryl 2684 lbs./AC*

Growing this early maturing proprietary variety provides a high yielding option for replanting without a sacrifice in yield compared to Beryl. The estimate 20 lbs/AC increase over Beryl yields an increase of approximately $4/AC with the benefit of earlier maturity.

**US plant variety protection applied for; unauthorized propagation prohibited!
* Mean lbs./AC from trials in Morrill, Minatare, Gering, Scottsbluff, and Mitchell from 1999-2004 in 20 year/locations.
Data not meant to be a guarantee of performance, but rather is a report of past performance.

Bean Seed Variety Profiles:
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