BUCKSKIN (RNK101) - Pinto Bean - Advanced Genetics
Performance and Adaptability - BUCKSKIN is a new early variety with broad adaptability. BUCKSKIN yield stability is due to a strong early pod set and root rot tolerance. BUCKSKIN has high yield potential over broad production conditions. It has also shown good dry down even when late season rains can produce regrowth in other varieties.

Growth Habit and Maturity - BUCKSKIN has a short upright vine maintaining most pods off the ground. BUCKSKIN has a more erect habit than a similar variety Othello. BUCKSKIN is an early variety with approximately 88 days to maturity. This allows flexibility of planting time and timely harvest.

Seed Quality - BUCKSKIN has the traditional shape and size of approximately 1185 seed per pound. Cold germination is good.

Disease Resistance - BUCKSKIN is resistant to the prevalent strains of Bean Common Mosaic virus. BUCKSKIN also shows some tolerance to bacterial Brown spot and Halo blight. It has shown more tolerance to bean rust and white mold than Othello.

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