Maturity: Mid-full season; 94-95 days in Michigan Trials, 104 days in North Dakota Trials

Plant Habit: Tall; semi-determinate bush, holds pods off ground; fair to good lodging resistance

Avg. Seed size: Approx. 1070 seeds per pound

Seed Color: Beige color with brown streaks and splashes; white hilar with faint orange hilar ring

Flower Color: White

Resistant To: Disease testing not complete

GTS 904 Pinto Bean variety has a good yield potential and appears to be adapted to the bean production areas of Michigan, Ontario, and North Dakota. In performance trials, average seed yields in pounds per acre were 3000 (ND07). 2479 (Ont. 08), and 2980 (Mich. 08). GTS 904 has an upright growth habit which could be suitable for direct harvesting,
-Gen-Tec Seeds Ltd

Bean Seed Variety Profiles:
These descriptions are based on historical data and may vary according to cultural practices and weather conditions as well as geographical region. Diseases are constantly adapting, changing the resistance/tolerance of the bean plants and their performance. Kelley Bean Co. Inc. disclaims legal responsibility therefore.