Maverick is a high yielding, medium-early maturing, semi-prostrate (Type IIIa) pinto bean. It was released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in 1996. The maturity of Maverick is similar to Othello, 3 days later than Topaz and 8 days earlier than Sierra. The bean of Maverick is plump and typical of the pinto market class but is slightly smaller than Hatton or Fiesta in bean size. The seed has appropriate color patterns (brown mottle on a tan background) with yellow hilum color. Maverick has good yield potential and has outyielded Othello by 14.5% and Topaz by 17.6% in 24 North Dakota test sites during 1990-1995.

Maverick tends to stand relatively erect during the growing season but in some growing environments the variety will more resemble traditional prostrate vine cultivars. Maverick is resistant to prevalent races of rust by being homozygous dominant at the Ur-3 locus. It is susceptible to all strains of bean common mosaic virus, a disease not common in the Northern Great Plains. Maverick quality factors for canning were above Othello, Topaz and Fiesta.

Bean Seed Variety Profiles:
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