Black Shania* is a full season maturing, indeterminate upright vine (type 2) which is adapted to MN/DAK. Shania's* upright structure gives good pod clearance and makes it a variety that is adaptable to direct harvest. The variety Shania* has consistently shown erect structure, improved pod clearance, and resistance to lodging as compared to T-39**. Shania* had an average yield of 2363 lbs/acre as compared to T-39's** average yield of 2212 lbs/acre in the Warsaw, ND trials in 2006 to 2008. The maturity on Shania* is 102 days making it about same maturity as T-39**. Shania* has an average seed size of 2743 seed/lb in these trials, which averages 55 seed/lb smaller than T-39**. Shania* has a dull black seed coat and has acceptable canning quality. Plant Variety Protection for Shania* has been granted.

Shania* is resistant to rust biotypes that are commonly found in MN/DAK. Shania* carries the I-gene for resistance to most BCMV strains in North America.

All data presented is an average of historical performances and may vary according to location, planting date, cultural practices, land quality, and weather factors. 

*Shania is a licensed ADM Edible Bean Specialties, Inc. variety (PVP). 
** T-39 is a UC-Davis, public variety. 

Bean Seed Variety Profiles:
These descriptions are based on historical data and may vary according to cultural practices and weather conditions as well as geographical region. Diseases are constantly adapting, changing the resistance/tolerance of the bean plants and their performance. Kelley Bean Co. Inc. disclaims legal responsibility therefore.