BlackBeard is a new black bean variety that initially has shown good adaptability ideally suited to the MINDAK production regions. A consistent performer throughout the trialing process and in commercial production, its upright architecture and excellent yield potential make it an excellent choice for MINDAK growers.

Assuming the 49 lbs./AC* yield increase over Zorro, profit would increase $14/AC on $30/cwt beans. This would amount to $1,400 increased profit over Zorro on 100 acres of production. 

> BlackBeard matures in 100 days or about 2 days later than Zorro. **
> Approximate seed count for Blackbeard is 2,128 sds./lb.
> BlackBeard has shown some tolerance to some strains of Common Bacterial Blight (CBB) and some tolerance/avoidance to the affects of white mold.
> BlackBeard has demonstrated excellent canning color retention and above average quality in several cannery evaluated canning trials.

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