• Reliable Performance / Year-in, Year-out
  • Released by: Agri Sales-Seedwest
  • Market Type: Light Red Kidney
  • Adaptation: Areas with reliable rainfall or irrigation
  • Maturity: Early, approximately 85 days
  • Plant Habit: Upright small bush
  • Yield Potential: Excellent
  • Canning Quality: Excellent
  • Packaging Quality: Excellent
  • Flower color: Lavender
  • Seed Count: Ca. 950 Seed/lb.
  • Seed Quality: Excellent 
  • Disease Resistance: Bean Common Mosaic Virus – Susceptible
  • Seed Class Availability: Certified and Non-Certified
  • Certified Seed available through cooperation with Agri Sales
  • White mold – Tolerant

Bean Seed Variety Profiles:
These descriptions are based on historical data and may vary according to cultural practices and weather conditions as well as geographical region. Diseases are constantly adapting, changing the resistance/tolerance of the bean plants and their performance. Kelley Bean Co. Inc. disclaims legal responsibility therefore.