Ronnie’s Red <09360> is a broadly adapted light red kidney bean variety ideally suited to Nebraska and
Colorado production regions. Ronnie’s Red has shown
significantly higher yield potential then traditional kidney beans, such as Pink Panther and CELRK, on poorer grounds and potential for possibly lowering input costs by reducing the need for extra nutrients that kidney beans have
traditionally needed. Lower fertility or poorer soils can also lead to an earlier maturity than under traditional kid-ney farming practices.


Preliminary data shows Ronnie’s Red (09360) with a yield advantage of 414 lbs./AC. Assuming a 414 lbs./AC yield increase over Pink Panther, profit would increase $207/AC on $50/cwt. Beans. This would amount to $20,700 for 100 AC of production.

> Matures 94-98 days or about 4 days later than Pink Panther**
> Approximate seed count is 851 sds./lb.***
> Good seed appearance, color, and shape.
> Ronnie’s Red has demonstrated average canning characteristics similar to Pink Panther.
> Preliminary testing has shown that the Ronnie’s Red has resistance to bean common mosaic virus (BCMV).
> Good yielder on poorer ground or in some stress conditions that hurt other kidneys.
> Has demonstrated some Common Bacterial Blight and Bacterial Brown Spot tolerance.

Bean Seed Variety Profiles:
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