SCHOONER - NAVY BEAN - Advanced Genetics
Performance and Adaptability - Schooner is full-season navy bean that has demonstrated its wide adaptability under a range of growing conditions in the Great Lakes and northern regions. This variety tends to take advantage of an extended growing season with enhanced yields. A quick dry-down further boosts Schooner’s yield potential.
Growth Habit and Maturity - Schooner has a semi-upright plant with a medium, arched vine. The plant’s structure holds many pods off the ground, which may reduce the incidence of white mold. Schooner matures approximately 98 to 100 days from planting, or about three to four days later than Avanti.

Seed Quality - Schooner is a traditional navy bean. It typically yields approximately 2,550 seeds per pound. Schooner’s demonstrated tolerance to seed coat cracking has enhanced its canning quality.

Disease Resistance - Schooner has demonstrated resistance to the prevalent strains of Bean Common Mosaic virus. It has shown tolerance to bacterial brown spot, the current races of bean rust, and the Delta strain of anthracnose bean disease. Moderate tolerance to common and halo bacterial bean diseases has been noted.

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