Frigate has a very upright type IIB plant habit with moderate runners. It is mid season maturing at 94 days and 2 days earlier than Norstar. Seed size is 2715 seeds per pound in Idaho trials and 2060 seeds per pound in North Dakota. Frigate is well suited for canning or packaging. Frigate carries the dominant "I" gene and is resistant to all strains of BCMV, but not the "black root" reaction. It is resistant to most all the bean rust races known to occur in North America. It is susceptible to CTV. Idaho Seed Bean -PVP Intended.

Bean Seed Variety Profiles: These descriptions are based on historical data and may vary according to cultural practices and weather conditions as well as geographical region. Diseases are constantly adapting, changing the resistance/tolerance of the bean plants and their performance. Kelley Bean Co. Inc. disclaims legal responsibility therefore.